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All-in-one linear positioner

05 May 2022

AMP INC. has released a new line of linear actuators complete with its StepSERVO™ integrated motors as all-in-one linear positioning solutions including closed-loop motor and drive, motion controls and comms, plus housing and bearing support. Available from Mclennan, AMP’s European distribution partner, the new StepSERVO Smart Actuators are available with NEMA 11, 14, 17 or 23 frame motors configured with built-in ball or lead screw mechanics in a choice of moving carriage or pushrod models.

These new compact and space saving actuators are based around AMP’s wide range of Screw Motors - hybrid stepper motors where the standard motor shaft is replaced with a lead screw assembly. MLA- and MCB-Smart series linear actuators feature an extruded aluminium rail and support system with a moving load carrying carriage. These versions are available in NEMA frame motor sizes 11, 14 and 23. Users can choose various ball/lead screw pitches and nut material options with leads from 1 to 10 mm to suit their positioning resolution and speed requirements – speeds up to 100 mm/sec are available. The largest actuator, with its 23-frame motor, has a maximum stroke of 250mm and a maximum load capacity of 7kg horizontal and 4.4kg vertical. The direct integration of the screw into the motor allows a coupling-free design that saves space for a more compact solution. The MCB version includes a dust seal and fully shrouded motor whilst the lower cost MLA offers is an open-frame housing design for use in clean environments. Both version include mounting fixtures.

The MLT series pushrod style actuator is also based around the AMP’s Screw Motors in NEMA 11 or 17 frame sizes. Well suited for miniature push, pull, lift, and press applications, a choice of lead screw or ball screw mechanics provides users with a wide scope of cost vs. performance options. The largest MLT actuator can deliver a thrust force up to 300 N and speeds to 250 mm/sec with low vibration and low noise operation. AMP’s Screw Motors are available as separate components without StepSERVO for use with independent drives and controls.

These new StepSERVO Smart actuators utilise AMP’s closed-loop stepper technology for direct on-board motor drive, programming, and optional networking. This decentralised approach sees benefits in reduced installation cost through minimised machine wiring, faster machine build and design time and a control concept that is complementary to Industry 4.0. The new Smart actuators are available with a wide choice of control options including step/direction, +/-10V DC torque/velocity and positioning as well as AMP’s Q Programming which provides streaming commands with maths and machine I/O control functions. RS232 or RS485, Modbus RTU and CANopen communications are on hand as well as EtherNet/IP and Power over Ethernet(PoE). The 23 frame StepSERVO can be supplied with absolute encoder feedback. AMP’s StepSERVOs are also available as separate integrated motors with these options in NEMA frame sizes from 11 to 34.

Mclennan is the exclusive European distribution partner for AMP Inc. The motion control and automation specialist represents AMP along with other leading motion component and systems manufacturers providing motion and automation control solutions from single components to complete systems - including stepper, brushed and brushless servo motors, integrated motors, and many other motor types along with drives, gear units, positioning stages, motion controllers, software, training and comprehensive after sales support.