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Multi-axis stepper drives

10 June 2024

DESIGNED TO optimise manufacturing efficiency and safety across a wide range of applications, MOONS’ Industries has introduced its 'smart' Multi-Axis series of Stepper Drives.

The Multi-Axis series comprises two innovative product lines: the SSDC and STF series which have been developed to deliver exceptional performance, flexibility and reliability. They are suited to a wide range of motion control applications, meeting the expectations and requirements of customers across various industries, including automation, robotics and medical devices.

The SSDC series is an advanced, high performance Step-Servo drive (Closed Loop Stepper System) which is designed to recognise the importance of seamless integration by supporting multiple fieldbus protocols, enabling simple incorporation into existing systems and devices. A wide range of control options include; pulse/direction control, analogue control, multiple fieldbus protocols (Modbus, CANopen, SCL/eSCL commands, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT) ensures unparalleled flexibility. Furthermore, a stand-alone programmable function (Q Programmer) allows users to tailor and optimise their specific motion control systems.

The STF series has been developed as a cost-effective and efficient range of high-performance fieldbus control stepper drives, incorporating a motion controller to enable open-loop control. This series provides customers with a streamlined and economical option for their motion control application delivering excellent value for money, without compromising performance.

Both the SSDC and STF series prioritise safety, featuring Safe Torque off (STO) inputs to ensure the highest level of protection in critical applications. This function also allows for the rapid and secure disabling of the drive’s output torque, preventing unintended motor movement and significantly enhancing overall system safety.