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PLC has innovative safety module option

27 April 2020

Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSEC iQ-R PLC now offers an innovative safety module option which provides the performance and integrity of a separate safety PLC but without the added cabinet space.

Combining responsiveness and non-stop operations with high process availability and dependability the iQ-R is ideal to support the most demanding mission-critical applications – in addition to conventional process control.

To deliver safe and robust operations in low to high risk applications, machine builders and manufacturers need controllers that can address specific safety requirements. The latest MELSEC iQ-R series PLC addresses these needs by offering a flexible, modular, all-in-one solution for process and safety control.

In addition to managing advanced control tasks, the PLC can offer combined safety control to drive functional and process safety. This offers the ability to create applications that are compliant with ISO 13849-1 PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 standards, allowing users to rely on both its performance and process integrity.

The combination of process and safety control into one unit helps machine builders, integrators, process and manufacturing businesses benefit from a comprehensive and scalable control management strategy. This is, whilst optimising their equipment footprint, reducing wiring requirement and lowering capital investment. These benefits are further enhanced by the option of using a common CC-Link IE Field Gigabit Ethernet network for both process and safety control communications.

Operational control functionality is programmed using a single, intuitive platform, GX Works3. As a result, it is possible to create and execute integrated process and safety control programmes via a single CPU module, substantially reducing the time and cost associated with setting up two separate controllers.

All these elements built into an iQ-R and its safety module result in a versatile solution whose application is straightforward to modify or expanded upon. Thus, the controller is suitable for a broad range of sectors from chemical process sites and utilities to highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing.