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Telematics lift control: Customisable full-feature control system for slab scissor lift

21 July 2021

EQUIPMENT OWNERS of material handling and aerial work platforms vehicles need to monitor vehicle usage, condition and location. This need will expand as fleet managers demand more data-drive solutions for improving productivity.

Equipment owners are looking for:

  • Centralised information – Internet connected (cloud storage), driving preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and operation – Real time machine data and bidirectionality, allowing information to be read from a distance and also sent to the machine
  • Asset Management – GPS and virtual geo fencing, tracking and controlling the equipment from a distance.

Telematics lift control systems help achieve these goals, enabling asset management and remote monitoring, and such a system for example from Sensata Technologies includes a Platform Control Unit (PCU) and an Electronics Control Unit (ECU).

The platform control unit includes a USB charge port, collision avoidance sensor and standard CANOpen communication. The electronics control unit is FUSA certified, includes an integrated tilt sensor, large display screen, standard CANOpen communication and integrated telematics module with cellular and GPS capabilities.

This enables access to vehicle data and controls remotely through internet connection. The GPS function allows the location of any machine out in the field. The GPS also gives the capability for a Virtual Fence, or an area that the machine is allowed to operate. When the machine leaves this designated area it can be shut down or slowed down using bidirectional communication.

The communication between the machine and the cloud server allows for full vehicle information to be shared from a distance and allows tracking of maintenance schedules and needs. Information on all machines is available in a centralised location, which enables up to date information of required preventative maintenance. The cloud server stores all the data, both real-time and historical and can be accessed by a laptop or even a smart phone.

Read this application note from Sensata Technologies to learn more.