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How digital advancements can boost manufacturing

12 January 2024

WITH MANUFACTURING back in the spotlight as a critical sector for UK economic growth, a new whitepaper from Prism Solutions shows how digital advancements on the factory floor can lead to better customer experiences.

The whitepaper aligns with Make UK's estimates that increasing manufacturing's contribution to GDP from 10% to 15% would add £142 billion to the economy.

The whitepaper, titled "Manufacturers and Digital Transformation: The Enabling Force in a Disruptive World", highlights research that found manufacturers could improve efficiency by 4.1% through digital shifts. This kind of advancement in the sector could significantly boost GDP as outlined by Make UK.

Prism's whitepaper shows how these kinds of digital technologies can not only improve operational efficiency but also enhance customer satisfaction. By adopting advances like IIoT, artificial intelligence and automated analytics, manufacturers can provide customers with quicker, more accurate responses and service.

"When manufacturing professionals have all this data available at their fingertips, they are immediately in a position where they can confidently address customer concerns without risking losing their interest altogether," the whitepaper states.

With support for a long-term strategy to advance UK manufacturing, Prism's whitepaper demonstrates how digital transformation on the factory floor can lead to positive outcomes for both manufacturers and their customers. The research provides a roadmap for manufacturers looking to implement the latest technology and delight customers while growing the sector's economic contribution.

Download the whitepaper at: