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Fully integrated

13 June 2016

Acting as representative of manufacturer of stepper motor controls and drives, Arcus Technology, LG Motion has launched the US-based company's new fully integrated microstep motor controller in the UK market.

Arcus Technology has developed what is reported to be the world’s first all-in one NEMA 11 microstep motor with driver, controller and encoder integrated into the motor’s back cap, minimising external electronics and wiring.

The small package size of the magnetic encoder chip allows the motor to stay within the 1.1-inch-square form factor of the NEMA 11 standard. The new DMX-K-SA-11 stepper motor is suitable for size sensitive biomedical, optical, semiconductor and similar applications requiring open-loop microstep motion with real-time position confirmation.

The integrated DMX-K-SA-11 is a 16-microstep driver that is capable of full, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/16 microsteps in three different stack sizes. Arcus Technology developed this unique design as an alternative to typical step motors that run open loop with sensors to detect position values after the move. The DMX-K-SA-11 is designed for customers and applications that require a position verification signal from the motor as well.