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23 June 2016

The new Portescap 22DCP DC motors deliver high speed-to-torque performance at optimised cost

The Athlonix range is expanding
Available in 22mm diameter, the new Portescap 22DCP coreless motor offers high
efficiency and an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio. 


An innovative design for improved performance
Portescap Athlonix 22DCP motors are based on Alnico magnetic technology.
The motor is available in two variations, precious metal commutation
and graphite commutation.
A new graphite commutation system guarantees constant performances
over the entire running time. Combined with the unique REE (Restriction
of Electro Erosion) system and an optimised magnetic circuit, it ensures
the motor has an extended service life.

An innovative design for a vast choice and shorter lead times
Standardised components, the modular design and the vast choice of coils
mean samples can be rapidly customised to meet all your requirements.
The standard configuration can be delivered in just a few days.
Athlonix 22DCP motors are compatible with the Portescap range of
encoders and gearboxes.

High performance for all your applications
With maximum continuous torque of up to 6.5 mNm and a higher starting
torque than other comparable motors, Athlonix 22DCP motors are ideally
suited to applications such as medical and industrial pumps, gas analysers,
hand tools, motorised locks and much more.

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