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Dynamic performance in a compact size

05 April 2022

OFFERING high torque, smooth motion, and compact design making them suitable for robot joints, Delta Line has expanded its range of motion control solutions with the launch of two 115mm frameless BLDC motor designs.

Both of the new motors, 115BLF25 and 115BLF50, have an outer diameter of 115mm. The 115BLF25 motor has a length of just 39 mmwith a rated torque of 3.9Nm at rated speed of 1400rpm and can produce a peak torque of 17.1Nm. The 115BLF50 motor has a length of only 68mm and is rated for 9.51Nm torque at 620rpm, with a peak torque of 31.4Nm.

Like Delta Line’s size 50, 70, and 85mm frameless BLDC motors, these new 115mm motors were designed to minimise weight and inertia, making them ideal for dynamic movements with high acceleration and deceleration rates. And the 115mm motors use a single-piece winding for simpler manufacturing and higher reliability.

The new size 115 frameless BLDC motors were developed to meet the space and performance requirements of robot joints, and they’re also well-suited for applications such as handheld tools and medical devices, where high torque, efficiency, and compact size are important. The frameless design means these motors are easily integrated directly into a device or machine, so overall efficiency is maximised while footprint can be kept as small as possible.