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Portescap ULTRA EC

12 September 2017

Portescap introduces three new ranges of Ultra EC™brushless motors

Three new ranges of motors for Ultra performance
Available in 16mm and 22mm diameters, ltra ECTM motors offer
ultra-high speed performance (ECS) and torque performance (ECT)
at very competitive prices (ECP).

A unique design
With its innovative, unique coil design, Portescap revolutionizes
the current standards in relation to brushless motors of the same size
and with the same number of poles,
• ECS motors can achieve 180W at 50,000 rpm.
• ECT motors can achieve torque performances which are up to 150%
• ECP motors offer 30% higher torque and 100% more power at similar
or even lower cost.

It's all about performance!
This coil is perfectly integrated into an optimised motor design and
offers yet more advantages including high efficiency of up to 91% and
minimum iron losses. This means a longer service life for the motor
thanks to a lower operating temperature.

Because not all applications are the same
The ranges will satisfy your most exacting requirements whatever
your field of business may be.
• ECS motors are particularly suitable for medical or dental hand tools,
respirators and all applications operating at high speeds
• ECP motors can also be fitted to your industrial or laboratory equipment
• ECT motors are ideal to improve the performances of your electric
screwdrivers, secateurs, mixers or exoskeletons

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