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On the right track for efficiency

19 August 2021

SHEFFIELD-BASED control and software systems integrator, Inspec Solutions has implemented a cutting edge Industry 4.0 digital production and plant level data gathering and analytic system for leading global rail fastening manufacturer, Pandrol.

Pandrol’s forward thinking and ambitious brief to Inspec Solutions was for an integrated Management Information System, utilising Inspec’s AMV I4.0 engine to visualise production line performance to support operational improvements at its manufacturing sites in 11 countries across the world, encompassing up to 80 production lines and real time data gathering from multiple discrete assets.  

The centralised, site-wide IoT data gateways capture information from the production cells, providing an analytical view of the performance of all sites and lines via a clear and concise web based portal.

The system is now live for sites in the UK, France, the US and Australia, with the rollout imminent to China, Brazil & India, on the way to a full global deployment.

The secure web platform provides engineers and management Teams real time monitoring of the production performance whilst allowing the ability to drill down into each sites production lines and manufacturing cells, providing detailed efficiency and production reports, alarms and downtime analysis.

From factory-floor to boardroom, Pandrol engineers and management have real time access to all data for the key production lines through dashboards, on wall displays, on mobile or desktop devices, providing analytical access to a range of key indicators including escalation of stoppage notifications, stop code maintenance logs and production performance. Aggregated data displays on a global level, with an overview of all connected sites support data comparison, allowing maintenance teams to share knowledge and learnings, increasing throughput, and reducing costly downtime locally and across all manufacturing sites. As the rollout continues across all assets globally the view into the company’s operations and its power for transformation will increase.

Mike Smart, principal software engineer at Inspec Solutions, said “Our AMV solution for Pandrol provides major production efficiencies, as downtime and stoppages can be tracked against key performance indicators. It provides a complete insight into how specific lines within a plant are operating, across any facility wherever it is located, enabling knowledge transfer and improving global efficiency.

“Improved functionality means the Pandrol management team can identify any weaknesses that could contribute to plant downtime and pro-actively address the issues. Data can be accessed anywhere in the world, providing essential information from the shop floor to the boardroom.

“The management team at Pandrol had the vision of creating an Industry 4.0 platform capable of remotely tracking production. With AMV, we were able to help them realise the vision. It will allow them to make a step change in efficiency and safety.”

Martin Somerset, engineering manager at Pandrol said: “The system from Inspec Solutions has advanced functionality and is contributing to our operational efficiency, whilst reducing maintenance costs and increasing throughput. As an Industry 4.0 global operations system, it is an invaluable tool to people at all levels in our business and is future-proofed against our wider scope of needs.”