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Motor for fan applications

01 November 2021

WEG'S NEW Electronically Commutated Motor (WECM) range has been developed to meet the safety and reliability needs of exhaust and ventilation systems – providing energy consumption rates for a variety of air movement applications.

The WECM range has been developed in line with WEG’s product-wide ethos to provide market leading energy efficient motors and drives. Incorporating accurate speed control, the new WECM range can significantly decrease power consumption, thus providing energy and cost savings for the user.

Available in single or three-phase versions, with power ratings up to 4kW, the WECM line has been designed to ensure compliance with all applicable IEC and European standards for electric motors and drives. Furthermore, WEG’s entire motors and drives range is available in compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1781, requirements for electric motors and variable speed drives, which took effect from July 1, 2021.  

The WECM is a brushless motor design with permanent magnets and an integrated inverter. The inverter enables the user to vary the motor speed according to the demands of the application. Speed control can be selected in either local or remote modes using dip-switches housed inside the drive cover, with speed adjustment possible from 200 to 1500/1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) or 500 to 3000 rpm.

The WECM motor reaches the anticipated IE6 level of efficiency, the highest in the market, if considering 20 per cent lower losses than the IE5 levels defined in the standard IEC TS 60034-30-2 Rotating electrical machines - Part 30-2: Efficiency classes of variable speed AC motors (IE-code).