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Additive manufacturing offering expanded

06 November 2023

OVER THE last few years, Siemens has successfully built an ecosystem that encompasses numerous partnerships along the entire value chain for the industrialisation of additive manufacturing. This includes more than 110 machine manufacturing companies that produce the highest-quality components based on Siemens automation as well as leading producers offering integrated software solutions.

At Formnext 2023, Siemens is taking the logical next step and offering partner solutions for additive manufacturing on the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace that seamlessly complement Siemens’ solutions and deliver value-add services for customers based on them.

Castor, EOS, and AMbitious are the first three partners to join the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace with solutions for all aspects of industrial 3D printing. The Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform is a powerful ecosystem of partners working together to accelerate the industrialization of AM through digital transformation. The Xcelerator offerings are complemented by the Siemens portfolio of curated software and IoT-enabled hardware and services that enable interoperability and easy integration and maintenance of customer operations.

The offerings from the first AM Marketplace participants provide a variety of solutions that reinforce the Siemens trade show motto “Let's advance manufacturing” – from identifying printable components by the PLM system Teamcenter and calculating a solutions’ carbon footprint for a quick assessment of its sustainability to comprehensive training and support for an AM producer. With scalable solutions for a wide range of vertical industries, Siemens will consistently expand the open Marketplace offering to complement its own solutions.

Search the entire parts database for AM potential with Castor

Castor’s cloud-based and on-premises software technically and economically analyzes parts in the existing discrete manufacturing product design and identifies those that are suitable for additive manufacturing. The software also evaluates materials and technologies that would be most appropriate for the part in question. When a part is identified as a candidate for additive manufacturing, the software then calculates the financial break-even point of additive manufacturing versus traditional manufacturing. The software integrates seamlessly with common PLM systems like Siemens Teamcenter.

Understanding and reducing the carbon footprint with EOS

With the EOS Carbon Calculator, EOS offers a tool that enables AM users to understand the impact of the production process and the selection of different materials on the end-product’s carbon footprint. The software performs a transparent CO2e analysis and provides information on levers for reducing it throughout the AM process. The Calculator’s data-driven product design allows CO2e targets to be easily defined and adjusted.
Improve your own (additive) manufacturing with AMbitious

AMbitious powered by Toolcraft bundles the many years of experience of the AM experts at Toolcraft AG. The offering includes a wide range of support solutions: In addition to comprehensive technology consulting and virtual VR training on powder bed-based additive manufacturing in metal, AMbitious also offers a maintenance app. The solution – which can be used as an app (Mendix-based) or as a Web-based solution – generates real-time information that ensures optimal plant performance. This reduces scrap, rework, and costs.