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Surge protection agreement

31 March 2016

Specialist distributor Switchtec has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with French surge protection specialist, Citel, under which Switchtec will have sole distribution rights to Citel’s vast range of surge protection equipment in the UK.

While the range of Citel surge protection devices (SPDs) available from Switchtec will be extensive, the company expects to make big inroads in the DIN rail mounted AC surge protectors market.  Citel DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardized distribution panel or control cabinets.

The SPDs are equipped with a thermal disconnection device and provide real-time fault indicators thus allowing complete operational safety. DS surge protectors are available with several protection circuits to comply with the most demanding installations and standards compliance requirements. CITEL AC power surge protectors offer three levels of surge protection capacity that correspond to the different IEC or EN types, i.e. types I, II and III.

In order to improve the surge protection efficiency and giving them an edge over the competition, CITEL has developed a patented technology that combines a high energy varistor (MOV) network and a specific gas tube (GSG). This specialized circuit incorporated in certain SPDs can achieve a higher protection level, longer life duration (due to the suppression of leakage current), and continuous operation and power quality (no follow on current).

As well as SPDs for AC DIN rail and PV applications, Switchtec will be distributing SPDs for LED and telephone and data applications.  Switchtec will make more announcements regarding specific components throughout the coming year.