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3D printing capability

06 December 2018

At Southern Manufacturing 2019 Henkel will introduce an exciting new development, its 3D printing material solutions for industrial manufacturing.

Henkel is applying its know-how in high performance materials such as light cure acrylic, silicone, epoxy and polyurethane adhesives to the rapidly growing market for additive manufacturing; from prototyping to final parts production.

Henkel is also developing tailor-made products and services to provide high-impact solutions for various industrial sectors and expanding its strategic partnerships with other technology leaders such as HP, for which Henkel is the first global reseller of its 3D printers’ portfolio.

The company’s 3D capability will be demonstrated on the stand by experts who are skilled in combining the correct ‘building’ materials with the optimal printing process and software to enable customers to realise the full potential of additive manufacturing.

There will again be clear evidence of Henkel’s continuous product development across all technologies at Southern Manufacturing 2019 and one good example is Loctite 518 gasket sealant. This product’s scope of application has been increased by its newfound capability to cure through light surface contamination and to work well on stainless steel and aluminium without an activator.

First introduced to overcome problems associated with conventional pre-cut compression gaskets, it has now also been made available in pen form. This allows Loctite 518 to deliver its proven leak-fighting properties via a roller, making application easier than ever with no waste and less mess. It fills all voids, resists high pressure and, when fully cured, maintains clamp load and prevents corrosion.

Loctite Universal Structural Bonders have transformed the design and assembly of many products throughout the UK. The bond strength, speedy cure and durability that are characteristic of these adhesives are thanks to Henkel’s hybrid technology. They are further examples of how Henkel continues to push the boundaries of adhesive capability and naturally they will all be featured at the show.

Another field in which Henkel stands out from the crowd is its ability to develop and supply the best equipment to dispense its adhesives. As the company builds its own systems rather than work with a dispensing ‘partner’ it can supply a turnkey solution that is truly fit for purpose and for which the customer has a single point of contact. Stand H165