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Ultimo agrees partnership with Logitek

19 January 2022

ENTERPRISE ASSET Management software vendor, Ultimo, has announced a new partnership with Logitek for Spain and Portugal. The announcement is a further international expansion for the software vendor as it establishes itself as a leading cloud-based EAM solution provider in the mid-size enterprise market.

The partnership is of enormous significance for both Ultimo and Logitek, says Jordi Rey, CEO of Logitek. "Superficially, this might seem like a strange partnership as Logitek already promotes AVEVA’s Asset Performance Management solution in Iberia, but, in my opinion, there is no overlap and the two products are highly complementary for our customers undertaking their digital transformation journey. With Ultimo, we now cover the maintenance part of that digital transformation and offer a complete solution, covering all of their needs."

Highly significant for Ultimo is the technology partnership with AVEVA, owned by global tech giant Schneider Electric, that led to the agreement with Logitek. "The technology partnership with AVEVA is the first step,” says Marcel Leeflang, head of channel sales at Ultimo. “This enables us to connect Ultimo with AVEVA’s APM platforms. We can offer our customers an integrated solution that covers the best of the APM and EAM worlds. Next to that, AVEVA’s installed customer base is enormous globally, and we now have a great integrated solution for that market."

Logitek has a wide customer base in its home markets of Spain and Portugal across a range of sectors – from food and beverage to chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as airports, infrastructure projects and automotive. The main benefit to its customers of the partnership with Ultimo is that it can now deliver an integrated APM and EAM offer that doesn’t just deliver data but also defines actions.

"The important thing for us is that the Ultimo solution will empower our customers in EAM," says Rey. "Initially with Industry 4.0 our customers created little islands of automation but now the focus is on the integration of all of these systems and that is what this partnership allows. The APM sends data to the maintenance system and the maintenance system turns that data into concrete actions, improving asset performance. Our customers are moving along the asset maturity chain from condition-based maintenance to predictive maintenance, and this is a major differentiation."

While the Logitek and Ultimo partnership is obviously great news for customers in Iberia, the technology partnership with AVEVA also opens the integrated solution up to a global market. As Marcel Leeflang says, "AVEVA has an enormous partner network, and the work we have done with Logitek can be used as a template for other partners around the world. It’s a gold standard allowing customers to solve their digital transformation challenges."

As important as the synergy between the technologies undoubtedly is, Rey also highlights how strong the newly formed bonds are between the two partners. “In Spain we have a saying ‘It’s nothing personal – it’s only business’. I think that is nonsense as you have to be able to trust your partner, and this partnership with Ultimo is the easiest business agreement I have made in the last ten years. They are highly professional, and they move fast. As a result of this partnership, we expect Logitek to grow an extra 10% in 2022."