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New SLS material for electrostatically conductive wear-resistant parts

05 July 2021

Addressing the need for components with electrostatically conductive properties in the electronics and semiconductor industry, igus has developed a new material for SLS 3D printing.

Wear-resistant parts in the electronics and semiconductor industry are not only required to have a long service life but must also be electrostatically conductive, because a surge of electrostatic charge that is not dissipated by an insulating material can easily destroy the product. For the fast-additive manufacture of electrostatically conductive special parts, igus has now developed a new iglidur tribo-polymer. iglidur I8-ESD is the third material that igus offers for the SLS method.

The advantages of this method are evident: the user has a great deal of design freedom and can make the component without any tool costs. Moreover, no plastic waste is produced as the excess powder can be used several times and printed parts can be recycled. The parts made of the new SLS powder – in common with all igus materials – need no additional lubrication and are very structurally stable.

Interested parties can now order a free sample part at igus.co.uk/i8-esd-sample.